A.A.A.B.A.M at KIOSK: Modes of Multiplication, Berlin

Who? the Artists’ Association of Autonomous Book Art & Magazines or W.A.A.A.B.A.M were two unique editions published in 2004/05.

The artists involved in the W.A.A.B.A.M editions were as follows:

Bill Allen, Sergio Monteiro De Almeida, Brown Sierra, Gail Burton, Daedalus, Sarah Doyle, Sharon Gal, Gruppo Sinestetico, Alex Hamilton, Adrian Lee, Daniel Lehan, Alan Liddiard, Sebastiaan Schlicher & Therese Lundberg, Tom Mason, Laura Oldfield-Ford, Esther Planas, Olivia Plender, Clare Qualmann, Roberto Scala, The Vanity Press of Bethnal Green.

These are photos from A.A.A.B.A.M’s visit to the KIOSK exhibition in Berlin. The publications traveled the world for over 5 years as part of the KIOSK project organised by Christoph Keller and the whole archive has now been donated to the Kunstbibliothek in Berlin.

Alex Hamilton – W.A.A.A.B.A.M 1

Gail Burton – W.A.A.A.B.A.M 2


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